Three Days

Last week we left the children of Israel leaving the Red Sea where they gazed upon the army of dead Egyptians. Really a great military victory and they didn’t even use a weapon. God fought for them. Seeing a sea parted! A wall of water on either side of you and you walk on dry land! Talk about a miracle. And then add escaping from your masters without even a fight. That was a grand time for them. Such a fantastic start to what will be an epic journey.

Do you know how long it lasts? The feeling of being on top of the world? I can tell you the answer to that. Well, really the children of Israel can. Three days. That’s all. Just three days. Put yourself in their place. You see the dead Egyptians washed up on the shore. You sang the songs of praise to God. Then God and Moses led you into the wilderness. Maybe your throat was hoarse from singing. Maybe there wasn’t any water left to wet your dry mouth. But three days. That’s all it took.

Three days to go from singing God’s praises to what kind of God would do this? God fought a battle for you. He led you through a sea. But now it’s complaining time again. You went three days walk into the desert. Forget all that God saved us stuff. It’s hot. You’re thirsty. Got to yell at somebody. You yell at Moses. And at God. “Why did you bring us out here to die? We were better off in Egypt.”

What? Are you insane? Better off as slaves? Sounds crazy. It is crazy. But you run out of what you think you need and instead of trusting a Hod who just defeated the Egyptians, we all complain.

Yes, God saves the day. Again. Has water come out of a rock. Yes, another miracle. How many miracles does it take to trust that God will take care of you? I am not sure. I think the answer may be different for each of us. But there is at least one miracle God has already given to each one of us. That He sent His Son to die for our sins. That alone is worth trusting in His judgement. Easy to say, yes. Harder to do. I will tell you that story later.

Just let God into your heart and life. It is all or nothing. Follow Him all the way. He will lead you past dead enemies, out to the rock to drink from its water and on from there. And yes, all the way to His arms.

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