Maybe it’s just me but as I sit here waiting for the doctor it seems in all our modern society, we just hurry up and wait. We try to be on time to all our different appointments but end up waiting anyway. And the more we wait, the less patience we have. You would think it is the other way around. Always waiting should make you more patient. Such is not the case. Where did we lose our patience? Did it run away from all the short-tempered people? Let’s see what we can find.

On average, we spend 6 months of our lives just waiting. Waiting at the doctor’s office, waiting at the grocery store, waiting in line at Walmart and even waiting for the bathroom. Always waiting.

Just for a fun comparison let’s see how much toilet time everyone spends on avaerage. Yes, for some I am sure it will be more. Going to the bathroom takes a whole hour and 42 minutes out of your week. Over your lifetime that’s about 92 days.

If you put those two together, we spend 9 months waiting and on the toilet over a lifetime. Three quarters of a year doing just that. For those who do it more, well, maybe you need more fruits and veggies. Just a suggestion.

The list of things we wait on and for keeps growing longer and longer. For all the automation of our society, it still comes down to waiting. My conclusion from all this is we need to be better “waiters.” But how do we accomplish this? How do you get more patience? You can do like I have did. It’s pretty extreme and gaining patience a by-product of the job. I take care of my mother who is 94 and has Alzheimer’s. Want to learn patience? Volunteer at a nursing home. Spend some time helping those who aren’t as young and don’t move as fast. You will gain patience guaranteed. Another way to be a good “waiter” is to have something to do while you wait. Most of us have smart phones and games on them. Nothing wrong with just playing a game to relax but maybe it’s time to do something constructive while we wait. For example, I am writing this blog as I patiently wait to see the doctor. Plan the week’s dinner menu, look for your next picture to paint, read an email or two. Just do something.

The one other thing to do while you wait is simple and old-fashioned. Start up a conversation with someone next to you. They are a person just like you. Does it matter that they hate Trump? They have thoughts and feelings and needs just like you. Maybe God put you there for just this occasion. Everyone needs a new friend. Oh, and while you’re at it, smile!

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