Millerton Lake

You know I am taking care of my 94-year-old mother and I also take care of my brother-in-laws’ mom who is 97. That makes for some crazy times and some difficult times. Lately, however, they have both been sleeping a lot. When my brother-in-laws’ mom decided to actually get up out of bed Saturday, it was a big thing. She had missed breakfast and lunch but was finally hungry. After she ate, she wanted to go for a long drive. With sundown about 2 hours away, the long drive got shortened a bit but about 30 minutes from Fresno is Millerton Lake.

It would seem like a simple thing to get all 5 of us into the van to go for a drive. For the two older moms, nothing is very simple. ( Note: the moms refers to my mom and my brother-in-law’s mom). Yes, nowadays I take a diaper bag. Getting both of them to go to the bathroom is no small feat and it can take 10 or 15 minutes. So with bathroom stops done and jackets and coats on ( well, it was in the ’50s), it’s time to load everyone up. Mom gets loaded into the back on the lift. Using her walker is much easier than the wheelchair. My brother-in-laws’ mom climbs in with a little help. Now it’s finally time for the adventure.

Finally out of the driveway and away we go! Five minutes down the road the moms are back to sleep. Thirty minutes later we are at the lake. The moms do wake up long enough to take in the view.

Ten or 15 minutes there enjoying the scenery and we start the trip back. Yes, the same thing happens. The moms go back to sleep. And when we get home. the unloading process begins. But it was a fun time together and gave the moms a little bit of enjoyment.

Why do I tell you all this? When it seems like all the work you do is never appreciated, just remember you never really know the effect of your actions on people. Even the little things can have a big impact on a life. Jesus cared about even the little things too. Just think of the feeding of the 5000. It was a small insignificant lunch but it fed the whole crowd. Jesus still cares about you in the same way today. Just put your trust in Him!

2 thoughts on “Millerton Lake

  1. Thanks for your photo and story about your trip at the caregiver to the lake. It reminded me of one of my last mini lake trips with my Dad. We drove to Folsom Lake in California. One thing I liked to do, but I did forget on this specific trip was to take a photo of my Dad on the drive or at the location. Even if he was sleeping much of the time, he enjoyed the moments and some of the views.


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