Random Thoughts

Yes, my blog is later than usual. But sometimes life gets in the way. You plan and plan and God has other ideas. Maybe I just need to learn a little more patience.

Yesterday was my day for that though. I called it my Horrible, Terrible, No-good, Very Bad Day after the children’s book. Just one of those days nothing goes according to plan. I searched for a pair of glasses for an hour only to find them in a drawer where they are never put. In thle end, finding the glasses did help someone see better so it was worth the trouble. And there was the usual helping mom to the bathroom and making lunch and doing laundry.

Maybe there is a ray of sunshine in my yesterday. Maybe it was meant to teach me lessons. Patience and trust in God would be two lessons that come to mind. I am sure there are more. So it really wasn’t a Horrible, Terrible, No-good, Very Bad Day. Because any day you learn more about God is a good day.

And that means, as the saying goes, God isn’t finished with me yet! And He’s not finished with you either.

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