Off the Grid

I did some freelance writing work for a guy who wanted ads for Craigslist. Not just any old ads but ones that would hopefully not get taken down for a few hours at least. Craigslist uses bots to take out ads it doesn’t think are real. So it was my job to creatively write ads that would pass the bots and actually grab people’s attention too. It did take a couple months to find the right formula but I had creative license as far as what to write. Let me explain about the land. Some would call this land worthless. Some would call it an opportunity. The land was in the middle of the nothing part of Nevada. The great thing was almost anyone could afford to buy it. No bank financing; just terms and monthly payments. You could be the proud owner of 40 acres in almost the middle of nowhere. Any house you would want to build out there would definitely be off the grid.

Plenty of advantages to being off the grid. No more electric or water bills, close to nature and never any HOA to worry about. On the flip side, yes, there are disadvantages. Usually too far out in no-mans-land, extra time and gasoline for your commute and not many city amenities nearby. But for a few intrepid souls, it is a great way to live. I must admit I have always wanted to be able to be off the grid too.

Even with redundant systems, off the grid has some unintended outcomes. It does not provide you with the security of the grid. No electric company truck will be coming to fix your power outage. No policeman will be there to stop the bad guys. No firetruck will get there before your house is a total loss. Security and planning for all the surprises life throws at you becomes all your problem. Even knowing all that, yes, I am one of those crazies who would like to do it.

Life could be a fantastic thing off the grid. It would be what you make it. You would be depending on yourself. Not a horrible thing when talking about being off the grid for housing. It would be a horrible thing when being off the grid with God. You need to stay connected at all times to Him who is the Source of power. Take the time. Yes, it is true you have time for what you want. Take the time to talk to God each day. Make it the most important thing you do first thing in the morning.

Go off the grid with your house if you are so inclined but never go off the prayer grid. Keep that connection always!

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