Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? How are you coming with those? Have you given up yet? The one thing for sure. It is easier to stay the same even if change is for the better. I have not given up on mine. And with some determination and a little help from above, I plan to succeed in my resolutions. The big question is not “Why did I make these stupid goals?” But it is rather “How do I train my life to make it better?” I can hear you. Yes, today a lot of things are all in how you spin it. By asking the right questions, you can change.

If your goal is to lose weight then don’t just say that. Make it achievable and measurable. Break it down into smaller parts. Divide and conquer really works. Tell yourself that you will lose 20 pounds (or 10kg) and then break that down to 2 pounds a month. Get on the scale. Hold yourself accountable. Something no one seems to want to do today. It’s easier to say no to the frappe with the whipped cream when you check every month. And so you screw up once. It’s 2 pounds you are looking at losing. Just make better choices from there on out.

Self-discipline is the key. My grandpa told me how he quit smoking. He passed away in the 1980’s but it’s something I have never forgotten. I would have been about 3 years old then when the story happens. We lived in Littleton, Colorado at the time. You looked out the front window and saw the mountains. Grandpa was there for a visit. Even then he knew cigarettes weren’t good for you. He took the cigarette he had been smoking and crushed it out in the ash tray. He told himself that was his last one. He made up his mind. And that was his last cigarette. Determination and resolve makes the difference. A resolution means to resolve, to set your mind to. You can.

Keep up the good work. Even if you backslid on your resolve, start again. Start from where you are. Start now. Change your life. Be the one who sticks to their resolutions! Yes, if you do that you can brag a little in December. Be the one who makes their life better. You can!

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