Good Morning

There are two types of people. One is the night owl. They can stay up late and even function better at that time. That’s their time to get things done. When the sun goes down, they get going. Then there are the early birds. Those of us like me who get up early and can’t stay in bed past 8 a.m. Nothing wrong with either one. For me, it usually means when I want to concentrate on something I plan to do it in the morning. Whether a difficult printer repair or a complex math problem, I want to do it in the morning to be at my best.

Now when you are in California and on the coast, to get a picture of the sun over the water, all your pictures will be sunsets since you have to be looking west to see the ocean. That also means your spectacular sunrise pictures will not be over the ocean. For that, you have to go to the east coast. Needless to say, my morning pictures were of the hills and things around Point Arena. But nevertheless, beautiful.

Yes, the ocean captured more of my focus so I didn’t really look for the perfect morning picture. When you only have the ocean for a short time, it is the sole thing that demands your attention. I don’t know about you but for me, it’s picture taking most of the time-constrained vacation. Or every now and then, you just sit down wherever you are and watch and listen to the waves crashing into the shore. From the breaking sprays over the rocks or the gentle flow onto the beach, each wave plays its part in mesmerizing you.

Isn’t that the way life goes? We have the best-laid plans and intentions but sometimes it only takes a day out of routine to derail all your ideas. My mornings don’t always have a schedule. There are things I do but the order or time of each can be subject to change as they say. Taking care of mom sometimes changes it all. Most of us like the morning routines. What I have found is I can still get everything done just not necessarily in the order I had in mind. There is another thing I have learned. When in a rush, certain things tend to get pushed aside. Some things you can do without. Some you can’t. The one thing to never leave out is your time with God. Let Him speak to you and you talk to Him. Have your morning conversation without fail. One thing to note. Those night owls out there may do better having their worship sometime late in the day or night. God made us all and each of us with our own preferences. Just don’t leave home without Him.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. This is one of my favs. I’m the am gal . hubby is a nite owl! Also a bit of conviction for me. Thanks for the reminder.


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