I finally did figure out my problem of where to go on my perfect-for-me vacation. I am headed up the northern California coast to Point Arena. There is a lighthouse there and some beaches in the area. The town of Mendocino is just a little further north up the coast. While it won’t be 80 degrees on the beach, it still should be fun! It will be more in the upper 50’s during the day. Not exactly the weather you think about when at the beach, but it has its benefits. 

With all the planning done and my departure growing closer, I started all the preparations. Of course, the first thing I think about packing is my camera. I love to take pictures and share where I have been. After I have checked all the camera gear and put it in my backpack, it’s time to start on the other seemingly million little things to do. Next is to finish packing all the electronics I will be taking. Get all the important stuff packed first. Then it’s on to the clothes. Need to pack clothes for several possibilities. Being on the beach with cooler temperatures and maybe rain, means gearing up to be ready for any weather. A little thought and a few layers and I have all my clothes packed. 

Last a trip to the store is in order to buy food for my trip. Well, at least some of the food I will eat. This will cut down on cost and lets me choose better places to eat when I eat out.  But after that trip to the store, breakfast and lunch food is purchased and ready. 

Now that all the preparations are done, it will be time to load the car and be on my way. Well, in the morning actually.

We make preparations for lots of things. Before trips, before you even go to the grocery store or even before you head out the door for work. We prepare before we go to church too. Life is full of things we prepare for. One thing we should put at the top of our preparation list is our hearts. Prepare your heart for God to come in. Prepare your heart to serve others. Prepare your heart for a life in heaven, a life with God. Make this your first and most important preparation every day. 



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