Picture Perfect

A couple days ago, I went to the Japanese garden here in town. Its actual name is the Shinzen Friendship Garden. It is a beautiful place. One thing you should know, here in this part of California fall comes late. The peak colors of the trees for autumn are always around Thanksgiving. That is the best time to go to the garden. And it is cool enough to want to be outside. 

I do what I always do in a place like that. I go nuts taking pictures to share. And that’s what I am going to do today. Share some pictures from there with you. 

God has given us many beautiful things for us to enjoy and to know He is our Creator and God. So relax. Enjoy. Take a stroll with me around the garden. And remember, it’s all His handiwork.

I hope you enjoyed this short walk around the garden. Come back and enjoy it often. You can even bring a friend.  You will always have a Friend with you too.

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