A Little Good News

I was eating breakfast this morning before I leave from my beautiful vacation spot and was just scrolling through Facebook on my phone. I started seeing all this news pop up from here, there and everywhere that was all bad.  There was also the good. The pictures of kittens and puppies and flowers too. But it got me thinking.

There is enough bad news to go around several times. But where is all the good news? It is out there and it exists. Why is it so hard to find? Why are we seemingly programmed to look for the worst?

The only answer I came up with is two-fold. First, reprogram yourself. Don’t be numb to the riots in France or white people losing their land in South Africa but but accept it. The world is full of bad. Know that it will always be there and do something about it if it moves you. And second, get back to the Source. The One who has the whole world in His hands. Yes, go to God and pray for understanding. And then start reading His book, His words. You can’t defeat all the bad in the world on your own and He will help you make sense of it all.

Maybe you can’t get rid of the bad news but maybe you can find a little good news today.

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