Thanksgiving.  The time when we are reminded to be thankful. That is a good thing. Be thankful for the big things in your life. Love and family, a roof over your head and even your job. And be thankful for the small things too. Your toothbrush, your razor, and even the garbage truck. It’s a way of life we all need to learn.

To be thankful for something implies that a gift has been given. Otherwise, why be thankful? If you earned it, no thanks are needed. But a gift, a true gift, is given in love and something to be genuinely thankful for. What would that be for you? 

One gift, given before it was needed, was God’s gift of His son to a world in case it came to know sin. Jesus was your redeemer before you even needed one. We say, “God is love” and never really understand it. It might be easier to think of God as the inventor of love. You can thank William Carothers, a chemist at DuPont years ago, for the invention of nylon. Without which most of us would be brushing our teeth with boar’s needles. So God has been working in your life before you were even here. Now that’s something to be thankful about!

And one more thing, God cares about you now too. He is still working in your life and even has plans for you. So don’t be troubled. God loves you and Jesus saved you! Let your thankfulness start right there. 

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