Get It Together

One thing we all try to do is to get it together. Sooner or later, we all tend to group things and set up things so we are organized. From the whole hoarder’s house to those with just the pile on the table, you will want to get it together. A few years ago, well, maybe more than a few, my nephew was in his teens. Yes, his mother asked him to clean his room. My nephew, of course, didn’t want to do it. Being his favorite uncle, and his only uncle, we chatted about it one day. After some careful thought, we came up with one good-to-a-teenager idea. Before you rush to judgment, just hear all the logic first.  A simple and effective organizational idea, the pile method. Everything in his room goes into a pile. One big, gigantic pile. Technically, the room is organized and straightened up, too, as long as all things are kept in the pile. But the method loses all validity when you take something out of the pile and put it somewhere else. At that point, my nephew resigned himself to doing it his mother’s way.  

We all organize. We organize to save time, money or space. Or even all of the above. A simple web search can give you thousands of organizational tips. Just the other day, I reorganized my bedroom. Things tend to get out of control quickly if you let them. I think the trick is not just getting organized but staying organized. Maybe it’s deciding what to do with things you bring home after a long, tiring day of sight-seeing. You are tired and your mementos from your trip just get put on your desk. Deal with it the next day instead of moving it around for a year. Yes, this is experience talking. 

There is another reason to be organized. How many of us have all the time we want in the mornings before we rush off to work? You have to be there at 8 and Google maps says traffic is backed up. You grab a quick bite of breakfast and fly out the door. Sounds like a normal morning? Sounds like almost every morning? What usually gets undone before you zoom away? I was guilty of this too.Your morning worship gets skipped. And even forgotten for the whole day. 

There is a remedy. It will take a little getting used to for you but your rewards will make up for it. Organize your time in the morning. We usually do this by what we consider most important. Which means we have not seen personal worship with God an important part of our day. So the first thing to do is to get your heart together. Is being with God the most important thing for you? That’s what you have to decide. 

Once you decide time with God is the most important thing to do, then give Him the best time. Make sure your worship will always happen. Give Him the time right after you get up. Maybe setting out your clothes the night before is the answer. Maybe packing a breakfast to go. Whatever works best for you, do it. Truly make Him first in your life. That’s when you know you’ve really gotten it together!

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