The New Normal

All of us like to go somewhere, to try something new, to be a little adventurous. Some of us more than others, of course. And so the time comes to go on vacation, to get out of your comfort zone and to be impulsive. Maybe it’s not a vacation. Maybe it’s just a new Indian restaurant and you have never tried Indian food. But you go for it anyway. Something always seems to drive us to each new experience. What makes something new and fresh and exciting?

The question really should be, “What makes it normal?” All those things we consider common and mundane and all those tasks we have to complete day in and day out. It’s taking out the trash, filling out the report or watching the same old tv show.  We could go on and on with the common stuff. But each of us has slightly different tasks, a slightly different normal.  Think about your day. What do you do every day or every week that has become routine? What are you doing that makes life seem to stagnate?

Hopes and dreams are founded on our desire for the new and different. We each have to determine for ourselves what of that is really good for us. There is, unfortunately, new and different that is bad too. And so we have to learn and temper our desire.

Daily we plod along through our chores and our sameness hoping for something new. Years ago when I first started working repairing copiers, things got pretty much the same quickly. The same things break on this model. Reset this setting on that one. So I always thought it was fun to be chosen to go work on a new model that was needing service. It was out of the ordinary. It was not much of a change but still provided the challenge I craved. From experiences like that over the years, I have come to know a couple things. First, each day is something special, something to be cherished. And second, that we all have hope. Let me explain.

Maybe your days seem dull and dark. So here is the challenge. Here is where your thinking must change. Turn away from negative thought and dwell on the positive.  To help you reach this goal, find one thing to celebrate each day. Whether it’s the intricacies of delicately created flowers or a sparrow’s song you hear while walking into work from the parking lot let that thought spark your day and your mood. It requires a bit of concentration at first but the rewards are uncalculatable. A happier, more smiling you just for starters.

Hope. We all have it. We all need it. Being without it is a dismal feeling. God provides us all with hope. Hope for now and hope for the future. Know that you are God’s child. He will take care of you. it may not be vast sums of money God gives you to manage but He will give you a different kind of wealth, the wealth of love and happiness. And God gives us hope for the future. God told us He goes to make a place for us. A perfect, special place built just for you, lovingly made by His hands.

Take your daily thought, your spark, your positive energy, and God’s love and hope with you each day. Ask God for help and train your mind and train your heart. Make this your new normal and go have a fantastic day!


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