Ever try to do something and fail? Or it will take a lot longer to learn than you thought? It takes almost too much patience for you and at times you feel like quitting or giving up? Have you ever felt like this? I think most of us have at one time or another. The one thing it takes to make it is to believe in yourself.

Believing in yourself. Olympic athletes have to believe in themselves. They have to believe they can win in their event. And it takes years for some of these dreams to become reality. For the rest of us. Well, actually, it’s the same story. It may take days or years for some of your dreams to take flight.

Just like taking pictures. Have you ever watched a hummingbird? They sit still for a second or two. That’s how I got this picture for this blog. I went out and kept taking pics till the hummers left. It did take more than one day too.  For every decent picture I took, I got several that are really not good. Determine in your mind that you will accomplish your goal.

Believing in yourself, determination and effort are what it takes to do anything worthwhile. From taking pictures to the Olympics to your lifework. Set your mind to it. Put your hand to doing it. Then learn and adjust and never quit.

Just like seeking God and making it to heaven. It takes an unshakeable faith in God and the time spent with Him. Sometimes that’s hard to do. Learn and adjust to His ways through prayer. Determine in your heart that you will always be for God. Just like Joshua of old, you can say that “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”



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