The Day is at Hand

Have you ever had a song in your head all day? A tune you just can’t get rid of? Maybe it’s the old Coke ad or even the little chihuahua from Taco Bell. Usually, it seems to me that what gets stuck in my head is not what I would like to have playing over and over in my head. The more I try to change it, the more it seems to stick. So for a few hours, this song, phrase or movie line is just stuck there.

Sometimes it’s a line from a book you have read. This one line from the book, Education, keeps coming back into my mind. ” The day is at hand.”(p. 184) That’s the whole line. The book is authored by Ellen White if you didn’t know. And here’s a shocker. It’s about educating kids in the home and in the school.

Why should that stick in my head?  It is at the end of the chapter on history and prophecy. Mrs. White talks about the end of time and of Jesus coming. What if we knew Jesus was coming back in a few days? Or even a few weeks? How would that knowledge impact your life? What would you change? Would you quit your job? Would your talk be more about Jesus and His word? Or would you say I have time and try to get ready the day before Jesus comes?

I think it is with good reason Jesus has kept the exact time of His coming from us. And while we have to live in this world, we can still function by doing our jobs and taking care of our families. But there is one thing that most of us need to give some thought to. Yes, we all may pray and go to church but how close are we to Jesus? Do we need to think about ways to reach our friends and tell them?

Here’s the key. Not much in the Bible, not much is said about him except that Enoch walked with God. If we asked your friends, how many of them would give an answer like that? Would your boss say, “Yes, I can tell he(or she) walks with God.”?  It’s not that your mind always has to think about godly things because sometimes you are doing things that require concentration and attention. It is that you live close to God and have made Him your friend and an integral part of your life. It is that you live for Him and seek His kingdom first and foremost in your life.

I know I have asked a lot of questions and if you take the time to seriously answer them, you may change some things. What a compliment it would be if people said that about you or me. “He walks with God.”

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