Uncommon Sense

Another statue comes crashing to the ground off its pedestal. A kid get his MAGA hat stolen and he gets cursed at.  A peaceful protest turns violent when it is attacked by masked thugs. How many have to die for the next mass shooting makes the news? It is just another normal day in the the American life. When did all these things become almost normal?

I am sorry to tell you today common sense is dead. Things like that just don’t happen in America. But they do. Blame Obama. Blame Trump. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you are on. Everybody is doing it. And what’s even worse, they are getting away with it. In the past, you commit the crime, you do the time. Now it’s all about how you spin it. Do it right and get enough support and anything becomes ok. It is all a matter of perception.

Nowadays, it is not common sense that is desperately needed but actually uncommon sense. Where did respect go? Where did basic human decency run away to? When did looking out for your neighbor end? Uncommon sense. A few years ago, this innate sense was so common it was called “common sense”.  But today watch the news, any news this evening, and you will see the disappearance of common sense. And without most of us having this decency in us anymore, it has now become “uncommon sense”.

What we need most today is  people willing to work together. People willing to stand up for decency. People willing to talk to each other and work out differences whether opposing parties in Congress or neighbors living next door to each other.  People willing to live and work side by side with other Americans in peace and harmony.

It doesn’t matter whether rich or poor, Republican or Democrat, or even black or white. Just go to a playground sometime to just observe. Kids play with kids. They don’t ask if your dad was a Republican. They don’t ask if you have an Obama bumper sticker on your mom’s car. All they want is to play and doesn’t matter who with. It’s more fun together. There’s a lesson for all us adults today.

Jesus gives uncommon sense too. He asked us to love everyone including our enemies! Every little kid in almost any church learns the song, “Jesus Loves Me.” The line from that song, and I am sure it is not politically correct today, is “red and yellow, black and white, ALL are precious in His sight.” Make that your goal.  Jesus is there to help you accomplish that change in you.  Kindness, respect, love. Be the one who has uncommon sense.


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