Peace, tranquility, silence. Seems like everyone searches for those things today and not many actually find it. You really don’t have to go to the moon to find something tranquil. You know, the Sea of Tranquility is up there. Although, it really would be a quiet place!

How do you find peace? Sometimes the biggest arguments you have are with yourself trying to find peace in your heart. That’s the one thing we all search for is peace in our hearts. You can argue days, weeks or even years with yourself. You think it’s over and you have solved your crisis but it always comes back.

The answer to the problem. God. Let Him give you peace. Let Him do the worrying. Yes, I still do that too.  And if you are like me, you are older and just starting to use all the talents you have been given. Sometimes it takes a big event to change your course. Mine was moving in with my sister.  It changed the way I think and my priorities became clearer after watching her lead her godly life. But the hardest thing to do is to wait on God. Keeping His peace in your heart when He tells you to wait and learn is a difficult task.

But through prayer and study, slowly you become the way He made you. And you learn to wait for His timing. I have had many arguments with myself and discussions with God about waiting. My timing and His usually aren’t the same.  I want it now. God says wait. I usually “discuss” this with Him while I am doing something that is a manual task like watering the flowers. It took Moses 40 years to learn all he needed to and I think I can learn it all in a few months or less. Then you notice an answer to your prayer. And another. And another. It all starts to make sense.

There are two things you must do. First is study.  It’s like when I start a new hobby. I read all I can and learn all I can first. Then I go and do it. The studying and learning makes the doing easier.  Read a little about God each day. The second thing is to pray.  God’s really not like Santa Claus. We send a letter and get all this stuff. Prayer does work miracles though. I think maybe it changes us more. Talk to God as to a friend. God does want to hear about your bad day or your sudden promotion or the problem you solved. Prayer really is a two-way street. We talk to God and we listen to God as He speaks to us.

So for peace and quiet and tranquility, you don’t have to go to the moon.  Just let God in your heart and then learn about Him and talk to Him. Let people who meet you each day give you the highest compliment. Let them say you have been with God.



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