Road Trip

What a trip! Highway 1 is back open up the California coast. It was a long one day drive from Cambria to Monterey but what scenery and perfect weather.


It was one of those almost spur of the moment things. I went with my sister and brother-in-law. We packed a lunch to have more time on the road and there isn’t much in the way of stores and restaurants during the drive either. We took their convertible, an older 1996 Sunfire but with the top down it’s the only way to go. Yes, I had a hat on and put sunscreen on. Even when at the coast and it’s only in the 60’s, the sun can still burn. Leaving early and after the 3-hour one-way jaunt from Fresno, we started up Highway 1.



The hard part is trying to limit yourself to not stop at every pullout and take pictures. That actually takes a lot of discipline. There is so much to see and look at and so much beauty. I think I would still be there just happily taking pictures until my SD card filled up. It was about a 6-hour drive up the coast even with all the stops we made.


There is even a couple of state parks on the drive. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park has this pretty little waterfall that dumps into the ocean. Then about the time you are tired and can’t stand any more beauty, there is Garrapata State Park with all its grand scenery.

Really the hardest part is leaving the coast and heading back home knowing it is a 3-hour drive in traffic. And that the cool 60’s and 70’s temperatures will soon be replaced by the low 100’s.  You start thinking about the pictures you took and seeing how they turned out. It is a day that makes some great memories!


And if you are wondering the answer is yes. I did take all these pictures. So enjoy a small piece of my amazing road trip!


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