New Life, Part 1

Let me tell you a little about my new life now. This is just part one. When I got here, and yes, still do, I wanted to make myself as helpful as I could. So I took on the watering of the plants in the backyard. This is a backyard in California so you plant it and water it and it grows. This is one of those yards you would see in a magazine.

So every day I make my rounds watering all the potted plants from the little pots to the very large pots. I am learning many things about plants. I can tell how the plants are doing just by observation. Sometimes a plant will need more water. Here in Fresno summers are very hot. It can be over 100 degrees for months. Sometimes a plant needs less water. The plants have ways of telling you. The leaves may turn yellow or brown, flowers may layover or even just shrivel up. But just listen to the plants.

The garden of a yard is always changing. One plant not doing well in this spot. It gets moved and then flourishes. Some flowers come and some flowers go. But it is all beautiful.

All that said, and that is just the first part of my life, there are things we can learn. The first is sometimes we don’t bloom where we are. But a change in circumstances and we grow and thrive. We should do what we can and believe that God, the Master Gardener, will make it all turn out beautiful.  The other lesson is that God makes each seed sprout and grow. Yes, there are things we do to help the plants to bloom but scientists have never made a seed that sprouts on their own. God gives life to each seed and plant. Look around. Every plant you see God had a part in it. How much more value are you?  I saw this somewhere and don’t know who to give credit to but it goes like this: God looked at the world and decided it needed you.  So you will bloom where God plants you.

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