It seems everywhere you go someone is always chasing after something. Almost from birth to death the chase goes on. People want to look younger. People want to be richer. Explorers have searched for the “fountain of youth” to no avail. And all some think about is making even more money. Then there are those people that have to chase after food. They have to seek just to feed themselves. I guess actually going to the grocery store is still having to seek your food. We even seek a mate. There are hundreds of websites just dedicated to that. It would be that our wholes lives can almost be summed up in the word: seek.

I am a birdwatcher. I look to see different species of birds but in the process, you learn a few things about birds. Birds are seekers as well. They go find different materials to build their nests. They have to find enough food each day. And yes, birds too have to look for a mate. And through all of that, God watches over them.

Through all the seeking we do, God is there watching over us too. There is one thing we are told to seek. God tells us to seek first His kingdom. Then God says, “and all these things shall be added.” So while we as a human race go chasing our tails and seeking anything and everything, all we really have to do is seek God. Do that first and He will take care of the rest.

Don’t go chasing after stuff that will not last. Go seek the one thing your heart truly wants to seek and that is God.

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