My Polish Adventure: Part Trzy

We had some fun at a couple of the beaches in Poland. I would be amiss if I did not tell you that there are also several nude beaches in Poland. Lubiewo is near Szczecin and Rowy is near Gdansk just to name a couple. But on to today’s topic.

Life in Poland looks about what life in the United States was in the 1960’s. Everywhere you look people are smoking. Yes, there are bans in most businesses but has not curbed the habit.

And too, the main mode of walking, well rolling, transportation of your baby is the carriage. Yes, the big buggy with the big wheels and the top that pulls over. There are a few other types of strollers to be sure but it seems the baby carriage is preferred.

Poland  is also like the U.S. in that workers don’t have any protections yet. There may be laws on the books but with high unemployment a boss can easily twist the arm of an employee to work more hours and such.

While you can see the old man begging from the steps of the church because he has no legs from the knees down or the wealthy middle aged guy getting into his Alfa Romeo, life in Poland as anywhere is what you make it.
And so remember this little piece of advice.  Take your life and make it what you want or at least start down that road.  Only you can make happiness.

And, oh yes, trzy is the Polish word for three.

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