An American Adventure

Well, it has been awhile  since I wrote last and a lot has happened since then. But I won ‘t bore you with all the details. We will just get to the good stuff.

Like all good American adventures it started in America. But, yes, left America behind for the sights of Poland.  Now while Poland is the destination and everyone is shaking their heads and asking, “Why?” let’s back up and find out what I learned to get here.  The first thing you learn is how to master Kayak, the travel dealing website. There are unbelievable deals to be found on that site. Deals are the way to go especially if you are on the tightest budget but never fear, keep plugging away because it is possible.  The second thing you learn is on an overnight flight an aisle seat is much preferred to the window seat.  The window is awesome to look out and see the sunset over the ocean and it becomes important as you wake in the morning. Three or four hours into flight the aisle seat will become extremely important. That’s about the time you can’t hold it anymore and have to go.  The only problem now is how to climb over the other two sleeping passengers without waking them. Finally in desperation you have to wake them. It is much better then sitting in a wet seat for the rest of the trip.  The last thing to note about the flight over to Europe is bring all the food and drinks you can. It saves tons of money  by keeping you from buying food and drinks on the flight. Yes, pack your own late night snack and breakfast.

The other thing to expect is lines. On your way here at the airports there is always a very long line. Now they do seem to keep moving for the most part but just be prepared. There is a line to check in and get your boarding pass, a line at security to get on the plane and a line at customs when you get off the plane. Unless you are an EU citizen you are going to have to wait.  So take double the amount of patience you normally have and you will keep your cool.

There are very good things about the airports too. The restroom in some has a light on the door of the stall. Red for occupied and green for open. No having to lean over and look for feet.  And the duty free store is a good deal. You just have to be a passenger to use the store. Does not seem like it is hurting for business though and you can get some incredible deals.

That is just the first of my adventures.  There are many more to come so stay tuned. Same bat time. Same bat channel.


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