My Polish Adventure

Yes, I arrived in Berlin just fine. I was amazed that there was no customs officers anywhere to be seen. Once you make it there I guess anything goes. Then the ride to Poland. I kept looking for the border and some sort of checkpoint but, again, there was not one. I did get a good nap in on the way though. Now I am sure some of you seasoned European travelers will get a few chuckles from my adventures so go ahead and laugh. I am a newbie at all of this international travel stuff.

Now try meeting your best friend in person for the first time at midnight their time. It makes it a little more challenging when you can’t speak the same language. Thanks to Google for its translator!  But for the most part you say “Hi” and then find the bathroom and your bed.

Life in Poland is not that much different than life in America. Of course, there are some differences. First there’s parking. No space to park. No problem. Park on the sidewalk. Actually that seems to be the norm whether head in or parallel. And even in some places half on the sidewalk, half off. I do not know what determines which way you park on the sidewalk but everyone here seems to know. And there is the obvious difference. You can’t understand anyone whether walking down the street or trying to buy cookies at the grocery store. That makes shopping quite an adventure in itself. Either you go with someone who speaks the language or you translate everything through Google. Or which happens most often is you read by pictures and take your best guess.  But everyone gets up and goes to work in the morning either by foot, by car, by train or by bus. Then sometime in the evening everyone heads home to spend the evening and do it all again the next day.

Living in the right place lets you get to almost everything you want to see by walking. But the train is always an option. It makes your trip less strenuous and most of the time no one checks for tickets. Trains go all over the town and trains take you to other places as well. Tickets are checked on the trains from city to city however. One mistake you don’t want to make. Yes, cars are here too. And with cars comes traffic.

Crossing most streets is another epic adventure. Several lanes of cars in both directions, trains on the tracks and even bike paths. Fortunately the little stoplight  man changes from red to green to let you know when it’s safe. And he sounds off with clicks too. Time to hurry up faster and get across as the sounds get going faster and faster. When the music stops you need to be on the other side.  But most drivers are nice enough to let you on across. Well, the one or two I have met when in the street and the light goes red.

Enough adventure for one day. Crossing streets and shopping is enough excitement! Much, much more to come.


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