Grow Up

The news is  everywhere. Groups of protestors are out in many cities in the US because they don’t like the results of the election.  And that in itself is fine. I don’t have a problem with it and actually America doesn’t have a problem with it. Here you have that right. You can throw a temper tantrum if you wish as long as it is peaceful. Once windows get broken, cars destroyed and fires set it’s not a protest anymore. It’s a riot. This is America. Grow up! Instead of throwing rocks or torching things why not put your energies to better use? You don’t like the election outcome? There’s another one in 4 years. You can start working now to change people’s minds. Four years from now who knows?  America was built on success through hard work. It is still that way.  Yes, some want it all given to them. These are the ones in the streets throwing rocks because their candidate didn’t win. Instead of wasting effort get busy. One person with a dream, an idea can really change the world. It might just be you.

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