As I lay on my back trying not to think more thoughts keep rushing into my brain. I am staring blankly up at the ceiling. Have you ever thought about the ceiling? Probably not. It is there for protection from sun and rain and snow and ice.  As a child the ceiling was so far away. Dad used to lift me up sometimes and I could touch the ceiling. It was a dream come true. But now does the ceiling ever stop your dream? Is it there for your protection or to curb your ideas? Do you let your ideas soar to the heavens or do they lodge themselves forever entombed by your ceiling? Yes, there is almost always a ceiling above me, protecting us. But there is almost always the same ceiling trying to steal away the ideas, the creative juices from  me.

Take your mind away from the ceilings that surround you and encumber you. Let your mind be free for once. Sit and daydream and feel the wonder God has made in this world. Don’t let your ideas stop at any ceiling. Let them push through and into the great beyond. Never stop dreaming; never stop believing.


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