The Journey, Part I

First, I know it’s been a while since I have posted. The end of the school year got really busy and so much was happening. But today marked the start of an epic journey for me. I am moving out of California.

Yes, I am going to another school and will still be teaching. This one is in Springfield, Missouri and it’s a lot closer to my kids.

There was a lot to do today before I could leave. Everything takes time. I needed to leave by 2pm if I was going to get on the road. First, I had to finish emptying the apartment. Getting everything into the van is not always as easy as you would think. But I did it. Then I tackled the yard. Flowers had almost engulfed one chair so had to cut all that back. Next was the trash. There’s always more trash than you think. The last thing is always the hardest. Saying goodbye to the people that have become family to me.

I got done with everything right on time. Nothing left to do but hit the road. And so I drove away. The way to my sister’s house takes me through San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge. I had an amazing idea! I would see the ocean one more time! I could stop in San Francisco at the beach there.

The beach there had lots of people on it even though it was only 59 degrees. I think going to the beach is good in any weather. I spent a few minutes taking pictures and watching the ocean. I love to watch the waves roll in. But back to the car and time to travel on. I arrived safely at my sister’s a couple hours later.

The Bible tells us God led the Children of Israel all during their 40 years in the desert. And God leads us today. Yes, then it was Israel’s sin that had them wandering. But God leads us and cares for us today as well. No matter where God has us wander He is right beside us, right there with us. God will take care of us. He knows our needs. He knows our wants. He knows what’s best for each of us. All we have to do is follow Him.

2 thoughts on “The Journey, Part I

  1. Aw, this’s so comforting to read. On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate this 11. I hope everything have been good with you in Springfield, Missouri.


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