Color Run

Yes, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written. Sometimes life gets in the way. But this was one I just had to share. So take a moment or two to enjoy my story.

This last week was the Color Run at school. The students raised money for a special project at school. There is a company who handles all the details. The students earn money through their online page and prizes are awarded for everything from most money raised to participation. With not much time left in the school year, the students had to work fast. And they did. They asked everyone they knew and even some they didn’t know. In the end we reached the goal! But the fun was yet to come.

A Color Run is a fun but messy event. Students run around a track and volunteers throw colored chalk dust at the runners. The big day arrived! I spray painted a track onto the field behind the school. Many volunteers came to help. Tables were set up inside the track. The bags colored chalk dust were placed on each table. The balloon hoop was ready for runners to jump through at the start. Everything was finally ready!

Meanwhile, the students had been donning their colorful outfits. A white T-shirt with the Color Run logo and colorful hats and tutus and neck gaiters. Now the race can begin! The school gave a first, second and third place prize for most laps in the following groups: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. Each runner got a mark on their shirt every time they ran a lap.

And they’re off! Jumping through the balloon hoop first and then around for their first lap. As students run by each table, volunteers are armed with paper cups of colored chalk dust. Then the volunteers get to throw the chalk dust into the air just as a student runner goes through the colorful cloud! Students got colorized at 4 different stations around the track. But run they did! And they had fun doing it. Some were covered from head to toe in various colors. I wasn’t sure who a couple of students were with so much color ending up on them. It was a grand time though!

Next is the hard work. The cleanup. After all the excitement and fun is over, someone has to take things down and put them away. There was no shortage of helping hands though.

My job was to take pictures for the event. I have the students lined up to start and a picture of all the moms taking that same picture! As I wandered around looking for other shots to take, I noticed some spilled color on the cement. Some footprints had gove through it and left their marks. Those are the pictures with all the purple in it. And in the field there was a bare spot that collected lots of color. Those will be turned into my art and you see them in this blog.

God gave us color. It might be a boring life just seeing in black and white. But a loving God gave us the gift of color! He set all the physics in motion and what a beautiful world He gave us.

We as people even have different skin colors. But we are all people and all God’s children. We all want the same things. At least, for the most part. And God is there for all. There doesn’t need to be hate of anyone. Especially not for their color. God loves us all and as His child we should love all as well!

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