This afternoon I saw a personal trainer. I used to think they were not worth it and I could do it on my own and to some extent that may have been true, But I have also come to learn it is very easy to get out of shape and without help and someone there to direct you , it can be almost impossible to get back in shape. Yes, I did do some things like swimming and all of that but I realized if I was ever going to get in shape, I needed an expert to help me. And I found an expert. It did cost a little but totally worth it. The idea is to have two or three exercise routines to vary your workout so all your muscles get work and not just the ones you use daily. It is a sound idea. Am I sore tonight? Yes, in some places. I used muscles I knew I had but have been long unused.

There is one exercise in particular I want to tell you about. It is called a dumbbell traveling lunge. It does not seem that difficult when it is shown to you. Then you try to do it and it is not that easy. You grab a hand dumbbell, mine were 10 pounds apiece, in each hand. Not bad, so far. Now the hard part. While keeping your back vertical and your dumbbell grasping hands at your side, you attempt to lunge forward while maintaining your balance. One leg steps high and comes down out in front of you. Then you go as low as you can sink with one foot in front and the other out behind. That is probably not a very good explanation but the best I can do.

You don’t think it would be hard to balance like that but it can be challenging. No, I didn’t fall but there were times both my feet ended up together. As with most things, the more you practice and do it the better you get. I got some better the more I did them. It is hard to realize you are that far off balance. You make the corrections to stay upright and on your feet. After this workout, which I needed, I can’t wait to see what I will be doing in the next workout.

It’s just like life. Sometimes we get off balance. Yes, sometimes we leave our feet and do fall. But also spiritually. Sometimes our faith muscle is not used and gets weak. Or praying and talking to God gets neglected. Maybe we just don’t spend any time with Him. We get off balance. And just like our exercises, we may be off balance while we start doing them but in the end it is better for us. Our muscles are stronger and our balance is right. We can stay standing no matter what we do. We just have to use all our muscles. Let’s keep our bodies, minds and souls in shape!

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