The Fair

I spent this weekend at the county fair. The San Benito, California county fair. The school had a booth there and I spent most of my weekend working there. Although it was a good thing for the school, it wore me out.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love meeting new people and talking to them. It was fun. But after 12 hours on Saturday, I was more than a little tired. Hopefully, some of the people I met will make decisions to send their children to the school. The whole reason for being there and doing this is so others can learn about Jesus and especially the children. Yes, I will be fine. I have recovered from my county fair weekend.

Kids are kids. I believe it to be that way the world over. They are hopeful, curious and exciting until we as adults teach them differently. That’s part of the training though. To fit them for His service wherever that may take them without losing the faith and hope they so naturally have.

We all teach and we all learn. Some better than others. Some teach things we don’t want to learn. But just think someday in the, I believe, not so distant future, Jesus will return and take those that love Him home with Him. Then we will all be students. Students of Jesus forever.

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