One Day Older

Last week I had a birthday. For some of us, it might be a devastating day. For other of us, it is not so bad. It is almost like any other day only with cake or in my case pie, coconut cream pie. I am in the not-so-bad category. But we will see when I reach one of those years divisible by ten next year. Be sure to ask me then. I will ask my oldest sister who is almost exactly ten years ahead of me. It me feel a little younger to tease her just a bit. Getting older shouldn’t be a bad thing.

What does getting older say to you? Dreams that won’t come true, plans that will never be finished or the best time of your life? It all depends on how you look at it. The big word here is perspective. I learned that word working on copiers and interacting with customers every day. Sometimes even if the repair would take more than one trip to fix, the customer thought the machine was a lemon. Many times they wanted a new one. At those times you are glad to be the low man on the totem pole. I just gave them my manager’s phone number and said give him a call. I didn’t get paid enough to deal with all of that. Throughout the years, I learned. I got a lot better dealing with people and took care of most issues on my own. It doesn’t matter what the facts or the truth really is. All that matters is how the customer sees their equipment. The same is true for us and birthdays.

How bad can one day older really be? Technically, that’s all the older you are even on your birthday. One day older than the day before. My sister got me a card for my birthday. ” One day older only matters if you’re a banana.” is what the card reads. ( Thanks, Hallmark) It is the truth. Fortunately, we are not young one day and poof! old the next. It may seem like it at times. You are given each day to do your best and be your best no matter your age.

Hopes and dreams are something we all need to keep looking forward. As I have taken care of my mom as she aged, I wondered what she had to look forward to. What were dreams she had? We live in the present but need the dream of tomorrow to keep us going. What dream would someone in their 90’s have? Yes, I know some very active people in their 90’s and I think they have a different perspective on aging. The one we all need to have. The one dream and hope central to us all is that Jesus is coming back! Keep this thought in front of all the others in your brain. Jesus is coming back to take us to heaven with Him! Believe it, He is coming! And then one day older won’t matter at all!

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