A Day Away, part II

When we last left our hero, that would be me, last week in Montana de Oro State Park, he was about to embark on a quest to find the snowy plover who was nesting on a sectioned off part of the beach.

I got the idea from talking to the lady in the store and museum there. She learned I was a birdwatcher and suggested this other little used beach. Using her impeccable directions, I drove there easily. The hike to the beach was much more exerting. Halfway down the nice, paved path to the beach, the pavement stopped and turned to sand. Not just any sand but soft sand that lets your foot sink down and makes walking difficult. Now in hindsight, I should have stopped and taken off my shoes and socks. That would have made walking easier. I wasn’t that foresighted, although I did make it to the beach. And it was right beside the roped off part for the snowy plover.

Once down on the beach most of the sand was fairly stable and a lot easier to walk on. I followed the roped off area at the top of the beach. I started looking in the roped off section and not looking at the ocean. Yes, the ocean and the waves rolling onto the beach were awesome but being the bird watcher I am, I wanted to get some pictures of the snowy plover. I continued to seek my prey from along the rope. I had put my telephoto lens to be ready for the picture. I walked a while looking intently for the sandy-colored, little bird. Then I glanced down at the sand. No, it wasn’t what I was searching for but evidence of them. I saw their tracks. So I knew the little devils were there somewhere. I just had to find them.

With all the stealth of Spy vs. Spy, I maneuvered to get the best shot. The little birds don’t stay still for long. Soon my patience was rewarded. Using my telephoto lens, I was able to get a few good pictures. At least I think they are good pictures but you be the judge.

It is just like life. When you are trying to do something important and waiting is difficult. It takes a little patience and a little prayer and a lot of faith. God will give us what we need at the moment we need it if we just hang in there!

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