Waves Part 2

As I continue my way down 5 Mile Beach dodging waves and driftwood, I realize I have come so far I can’t see where I started anymore. When I started out, I did make a mental note where the path back is located.

After about 3 hours of hiking, I am almost to where the beach curves. I come across a small lake just on the other side of the beach. I decided to stop and eat lunch there. There were several types of ducks on the lake but the only one I could identify was the coots. After just resting and relaxing sitting on a log there on the beach, I decided to start back.

I had been quite adept at avoiding the waves as they came in on the way down but I changed to my bigger lens on my camera and wanted to get closer to the waves. As I maneuvered my way closer to the waves looking for the perfect shot, I ended up hurrying away from one wave that danced all the way up the beach. Undeterred, I walked along until I made that one mistake. I got too close and couldn’t hop out of the way in time. A wave crashed in around me and did get up well over the tops of my hiking boots.

I stopped and made my assessment of what happened. Nothing I could do but keep walking. So that’s what I did. I was almost dry by the time I got back. My feet were still a little wet but everything else was fine.

That is the way life is. We know better. Other things seem more fun. Maybe we leave Jesus out of our lives. But the waves of life, the problems, will catch up to us. When they do, reach up and take Jesus’ hand. It has been there all along just waiting for you to grab it. Jesus will give you the strength and courage to keep going onward and will be with you every step. Not just through this problem but all through your life. All we need to do is keep our hand in His.

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