It was a simple family weekend. Meeting my niece, her husband and their two kids in San Francisco for a visit. I hadn’t seen them in quite a while. Sometimes you wonder how things will go. Will it be ok? Will we get along? Then after all the hellos are said and we start planning a few things to do for the weekend, all your fears fade into a distant memory.  Didn’t matter if you were democrat or republican, you were something more important. Family.

We will all have people we get along with better than others. That is true. Some people get offended at your love for Trump or Obama. But when it’s family, it doesn’t matter. That is all you need. There is just a total acceptance of each other just the way you are.

Now, I should tell you about some of the fun things we did in San Francisco too. Saturday afternoon, we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. I love doing that. Only my second time but I know I would try to do it every day if I lived in town.   One thing to note, it is always windy on the bridge.

Windy enough your phone could blow away. So be careful taking your selfies. I love taking pictures and seeing the beautiful scenery. I take pictures all the way across the bridge.

The other thing we did seems like it was for the kids. We went to the Exploratorium. A fun, hands-on place to get to experience science. Made for kids, yes, but adults enjoy it just as much. A very mind-blowing experience. We all spent several hours there and had a fantastic time.  There was even a dissection of a cow’s eyeball!

In the end, the time you spend with your family brings you closer together. And that goes for those friends who are just like family. That is just like God. Time spent with Him in study and in prayer and in doing things for Him brings you closer together. The other thing to note is we are all part of God’s family. He does not care what color your skin is, how high your IQ is or how big your bank account is. God wants us all to be part of His family and He is ready to adopt us all. Just remember this one special word, family.

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