A Day at the Fair

A couple days ago I went to the county fair. It is billed as The Big Fresno Fair. It is big. For a county fair, there was a lot to see and do. It was almost as big as some state fairs. There was plenty to see and do from livestock like cattle, sheep, horses and much more to things to buy to make your life perfect.  Anything from hot tubs and solar panels to Tupperware and a purple cleaner. And, of course, there was the food. That is the best part of the fair in my opinion. Fair prices are also something to behold. You may get great deals on buying products but when it comes to getting something to eat, there is nothing cheap. It would be easy to drop $50 just on eating at the fair but with diligent searching and some moderate self-control, you can eat for about half of that.

Yes, there are crowds. Crowds and lines of people almost everywhere you go. Nothing wrong with that but I am used to a little more open space. Remember I did use the word “moderate” when it came to self-control. That being said, I did find myself in the ice cream line. It was some very flavorful ice cream. I got pumpkin spice. It is October and everything is pumpkin. While in line, a mom and her young daughter were standing next to where I was in line. The mom was looking for a hamburger stand somewhere in the fair. It is a huge fair. It is aptly named Big. I had not seen one but earlier in my travels around the fair, I picked up a map of just the food vendors. It came in extremely handy for me. So yes, I did the kind thing. I gave them my map of the food vendors and I am sure they found a hamburger stand from that.

I am not trying to toot my own horn here. Far from it. It was the right and kind thing to do for a fellow human being.  And that is the whole point. Whether it’s giving a million dollars to a hospital or just sharing a map of the fair, we as decent people and children of God should do the right and kind thing. Maybe it’s stopping to help people after a crash and no one else is there. Maybe it’s paying for the groceries for the person behind you in line. Maybe it’s just a welcome smile to someone that needed it. Kindness begets kindness. With each big or even little act, we don’t know the far-reaching effects. Every action makes a difference.

So look around. See what you can do. It might be going to the Philippines as a missionary or getting to know the grungy guy pushing all his earthly belongings in a shopping cart down the sidewalk. Jesus asked us to share the gospel and kindness and love to all, not just the ones we deem worthy. Take another look around. But don’t just look. Act. Let your actions show what’s in your heart.

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