Once in a Generation

It’s the day after the Kansas City Chiefs’ Superbowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles. It was a tale of two different halves. In the end, the Chiefs were victorious! Ok, yes. I am a Chiefs fan.

The first half ended with the Chiefs down by 10 points, and their star player, their quarterback, had reinjured his ankle. It was looking bleak for Chiefs fans.

In the second half, the Chiefs scored three touchdowns and even took the lead. But an Eagles touchdown and 2-point conversion tied the game with five minutes left to play. It came down to a last second field goal try by the Chiefs, which they made and won the game!

And that’s the simple story of the game. It’s what happened in the locker room at halftime, that is the real story. The team comes together. Starting with the quarterback, he challenges the team to play their best for the remaining 30 minutes. Other team members speak, too. That, and with a few adjustments to the game plan, the Chiefs come out virtually unstoppable.

What’s this got to do with real life? Here’s what I know. Every play on the field, each team member had to decide to give their all, their best. If not, the Chiefs would lose the game. Those decisions, just like ours, determines the outcome of the game for them and of life for us. It started with the quarterback. One team member called their qb “a once-in-a-generation type player.” You and I can be that once-in-a-generation type player for God. It starts by giving our hearts, our all to God. If we don’t give our all, we could lose too. But what if God has a team of all once-in-a-generation players? What could be accomplished for Him? Starting now, make the decision to be the player God needs you to be. Make the decision to hold the trophy high as winners! When we get to heaven, run into the arms of God! He will be waiting to celebrate with you!

2 thoughts on “Once in a Generation

  1. Gracias Señor Jesús por invitarme a renovar mi entrega completa de amor y servicio para ti.
    A través de mi fe y con tu ayuda podré correr y alcanzar la victoria de mi vida eterna para poder gozarme en tus brazos de amor y misericordia.


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