Whiter Than Snow

Christmas can be a great holiday. In some form it is celebrated almost worldwide. And every country has their own traditions. Here in the U.S., one of those is a white Christmas. That, of course, means it snows on Christmas day.

I grew up in the St. Louis area. St. Louis is a more southernly city so summers were hot and winters were not terribly cold. And they weren’t very snowy either. Every once in a while on Christmas there would be snow left over from a few days before Christmas. I counted that as a white Christmas. I would use the leftover snow and count it as a white Christmas.

God told us He can make our sins as white as snow. And he will do just that. Sin is like the stain on the carpet you try to get out. And then you live with it because nothing worked. But just ask God and He removes the stain. He can clean it all up. Snow when it falls is pretty and white. It makes the world a beautiful place. It also covers everything. So there are no more stains. God gets rid of our sin just like the snow.

All God asks is that you come to Him and ask. He will lead you in the way you need to go. Just pray and ask. Prayer is just a conversation between you and God. So just talk to Him. He is the best listener. God will speak to you too. Let Him into your heart and you can be stain-free and covered by God. And then see what He can do!

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