You can take a vacation. Ok, you used to be able to do that. You can take a staycation. But only those of us here and now get to take a coronacation. Wouldn’t you like to have 3 to 4 or even 6 weeks off work just to be home? Depending on the country you live in, some of us are spending our coronacation inside the house. Remember all those times you have said the words, “If only I could stay home today.” Well, these days are those todays.

What can you do on a corancation? The first thing is stay at home. Finish everything on that “honey-do” list. You have the time. You can have a movie marathon. Watch all the Fast and Furious in order. All in one day. Or even watch all the Star Wars movies, whether by air date or by timeline. But just take that day to be a couch potato. Be lazy; eat popcorn. Lay on the couch. Get fat. It’s ok to do. The President told you to stay home. Or maybe for you, it’s the online game marathon. You could play for days and never have to stop if you have enough coffee.

Now if you get all those things done and are looking for something to do during this time, make the video of all your belongings for the insurance company. They have only asked you to do it for years. Think of fun ways to brighten each day like backwards day, where you wear your clothes backwards or dessert only day. Eat nothing but desserts all day. You get the idea. It could be tons of fun!

Hopefully, I have sparked your imagination enough so that you can have the most fun possible on your extended coronacation. If you are one of those working from home, there is good news for you too. Your boss will definitely not stop by to check on you.

In all this there is one more thing. Hope. Life will get back to at least semi-normal at some point. When you find yourself bored, pray and thank God He has kept you safe. And pray, too, for those infected. It could be the worst times for some. But know God has it all under control.

Go ahead, start the fun and make this the best coronacation possible!

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