You Can Be You! Day 2

Have you ever felt that you were just along for the ride in life? That everything you do is just a product of external things happening to you? Ever wonder where the wheel stops and how to get off? Believe it or not, you can be you.

Yes, there are many books and articles and blogs and everything else about how to be the real you but actually it is really very simple. Simple to say and difficult to practice for some of us. It comes down to decisions. How good are you at looking inside yourself and saying this is what I want? Some people always know or have known what they wanted in life since they were very young. I know what I want now. It has taken me a few years to get there but now I know.

Part of it comes from just knowing what you want when you look at a menu in a restaurant. Part of it comes from being able to figure out what you like and don’t like. That is about half of the battle. It can be a battle, Sometimes you just stare at a menu not knowing what you want. Sometimes you try not to fail rather than deciding what you want. And sometimes that is the safe way but not the way of your heart. Let your heart find its way and you will soar.

I was having a dilemma when I started to get back into the job market. I got a few rejection letters and though who was going to hire an old guy. But God intervened. I ended up with 3 quality choices. And after much prayer, I took the one that was truly the desire of my heart.

Jeremiah 29:11-13 tells us God has plans for us. God wants to give you hope and a future. That in itself is a whole topic. God, the Creator of the universe, has a plan for me! And He has one for you too! Now read the next verse. God will listen to us! And verse 13 says you (each one of us) will find God when we search for Him with all our heart.! God is always right there with you in each battle, in each struggle and in each joy!

Our first desire then is to know God. Not on some ethereal level but in our heart. Let your desires be known to God. Tell Him your worries, your cares and even what made you smile. Open your heart to Him and let Him in. The One who had His Son die so you could live, so you could be forgiven is the One who also has a plan for your life.

If you want to be the best you you can be, then let God into your heart. You will be the happiest and most forgiven you you can be!