Only Child

I will never know what being an only child is like. Now, as the baby of the family and with 2 older sisters, I am sure I was not lacking for attention. I was probably more or less, my sisters’ real life doll. But I still had to learn to share my parents. Don’t get me wrong, growing up with siblings can be a very good thing. And yes, I love my sisters very much.

I have a friend who is an only child. Some of the things she tells me about being an only child I am sure are a little bit of teasing. There are things, though, she did not have to do. She did not have to share. She did not have to share really anything. Yes, as grown up, she shares and is a beautiful person but as a child, I am sure at times certain things must have been difficult. She still doesn’t like to share her mom and dad. As an only child, she was the recipient of all their affection. All her parents time and energy went into her whether it be in time spent or things bought. Not a bad thing either as long as mom and dad do their job and teach her to share and how to be nice to others.

Then the thought struck me. God has billions of children. Every one of us here on earth. But you know the best part? God loves each of us like we were an only child. He can lavish all His love and attention just like we were the only child He cared for. The answer to the question, “Does somebody love me?” It is always a resounding yes because God loves you like you were His only child..

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