The Bear

I am an avid birdwatcher and nature lover. I love to get out into nature and see new and exciting things. So when I went to King’s Canyon National Park a week ago, expectations were high. I am always looking out for the new bird species or whatever other natural thing we might see.

King’s Canyon NP is just that. A canyon. A lot of the road runs besides the King’s river, which with all the snow that had melted from higher elevations, was roaring. It was full to overflowing in a lot of places and covering over all the rocks in the river. Last summer when I was there, there the river had been so low I was able to go out into the middle of it by stepping on a few rocks that were peeking out of the water. This time it was like class VI rapids or even worse. The river was still fun to take pictures of and still fun to be near.

My grown sons tell me before I go, “Hope you see a bear.” I hope that too. The bear is one of those elusive animal you always hope to see but most of the time never do unless you’re in Yellowstone. To be honest, I have seen a bear or two in the wild. I just don’t really remember it. I was three when my family went to Yellowstone. Please remember it was a different time in history. I was there at Yellowstone and seeing bears and well, I attempted to shoot a bear. Not with a real gun, of course, but a fake gun with a cork tied to the gun. That was my big hunting expedition. So since then, outside of seeing bears at the zoo, I have not seen one in the wild.

Driving through the canyon and seeing the natural wonders and stopping to take lots of pictures you tend to thing it will be just another great outing in the park. Yes, pictures are great but seeing something out of the ordinary would make it memorable. In the afternoon, it happened! A car going the other way motions to slow down. I come around the corner and there on the side of the road is, you guessed it, a bear! Probably a young one but munching on some grass and seemingly very content.

Yes, I got out and took a quick picture for proof. Just so my boys couldn’t give me grief. Then I switched to my telephoto lens and started taking a few pictures. Did not get too close, of course. After a few minutes, it was time to leave him in peace but what a thrill was added to my day! Didn’t matter what happened the rest of the day. It had been a fantastic trip. At least for me.

I kept looking and looking and looking. The whole trip. Up to that time, I had only seen a deer. There are lots of deer so seeing one is not very exciting anymore. But the point is to keep looking. Never lose faith and hope. I did keep searching and saw the prize! Just like us, we should keep looking and hoping and never lose the faith that Jesus is coming back! We don’t know when but we must always be prepared just like the Scouts. Never lose sight of God; never lose sight of our true home, heaven! Never quit seeking; never quit watching. Jesus will come and you need to be home with Him!

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