Distracted is a word we here a lot anymore these days. We can have distracted drivers and distracted students and even distracted pedestrians. One city even gives tickets for people walking and looking at their phones because pedestrian injuries have soared. I guess you really can’t do two things at once. So how do we concentrate on anything anymore?

Everything we want today we want without waiting. Fast food. Even so fast you don’t have to get out of your car. Television. I had five whole channels to watch as a kid growing up. I was lucky because there were two independent stations in St. Louis. I was not sentenced to only having soap operas on. I thought that was great! Today though, we want it now. And we want whatever program we want to watch. I know some who record everything and watch later just to skip all the commercials. The things we buy are all on monthly payments so we can get them now. Is patience a thing of the past?

I can’t say for anyone else but for me it is a matter of retraining my mind. Waiting in line or waiting at the airport, it’s always get on your phone and text someone or play a game. Imagination is almost a lost art today. Try a few things using your imagination. Instead of your phone, make up a story using people you see around you. Or just people watch. We are all different and maybe you can learn something too. Maybe there is satisfaction in just the simple pleasures of life.

The most important thing to do is unplug your brain from the phone and spend some time with God. Reading, yes reading, the Bible will improve you mentally as well as spiritually. Myself, I have a Bible. Yes, an actual book. It’s easier to read there and not get distracted with all the notifications and such that come in. I should tell you I do have the Bible app on my phone too. I just find it easier not to be distracted (there’s that word again) when my phone is somewhere else and my Bible is in my hand.

Let’s practice some imagination and some patience. Let nothing distract you from what’s really important. What is more important than your time with God? Nothing. Put away the distractions and talk to Him. Ask Him to go with you through the day too. There is no better way to improve your mind and your life!

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