Little Things

Sometimes it is the strangest things that makes you think. It can be almost anything. A word from a friend, a picture you see in a different light or a normal everyday item. Or as in this case, a bag of BBQ potato chips. Maybe it’s just me but I hate reaching down through half of an empty bag to get to the chips. So I do the logical thing. I cut off the upper portion of the bag enabling me to access the chips easily. Which means I can get them to my mouth faster and easier.  All that is well and good but today, I cut the bag off a bit too short. First thought is, just eat your way till you can close the bag. Not wanting to have a great gain in weight or waist I shove that thought aside. These chips are so thin how can they keep the bag from closing? Just a small thing, a small detail. I overruled the thought to crush the chips. Although this would have solved my immediate problem, who wants to eat crushed chips? Maybe I am a little picky here but this is my story and my thoughts. After all my debate, I did eat just a very few. And with a little gentle shaking of the bag, I was able to get it shut and clipped.

So why do I tell you this saga? Each chip is so thin, so small, so minor it seems. And yet, their impact was great. Just a few thin chips kept the bag from closing and as the bag goes, so goes life. Maybe it’s just a turn signal you don’t use or a white lie you tell. Doesn’t much matter but not being faithful in the little things of life will make you not be ready to handle the big things when they arise. Each little matter so easily forgotten or dismissed will keep your life bag of chips from closing. Conscientiously doing our tasks no matter if large or small, makes you capable and ready to handle the big decisions, the big things of life.

A little too much sun in your photo or a little too much too eat at your meals can have devastating effects. Those little things over time add up. When the big test, the big trial comes, how will you face it? Will you be able to stand up to it? Or will it go the way of all your little things? Yes, I believe in God and prayer. So I ask God to help me be faithful in all my duties big and small. Determine in your heart and for yourself to always be faithful. Then just let God work in your life and know you will be able to stand. He will give you the wisdom and power to close your bag of chips.

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