Rising Above

How do you react to problems? How do you feel when you receive constructive criticism? Sometimes it seems devastating. And sometimes you know how to rise above it. No matter how one feels at first, it’s always better to think about it and then be ready to adapt and change.

Change starts with you. Change starts with me. No one else can really make you change. I write this as I am on a flight from California to Denver. It’s raining in central California when I left. But just a mere ten minutes into the flight and the plane was on top of the clouds. It was a bright, sunny day!

Down below, I only saw the storm. I only saw the negatives in my problem. And that is not God’s plan for us. God wants us to always be postive and to always trust in Him. I let go of my faith for a little while. Usually, I can see what needs done and I can see where things need to be. But today I got lost in the storm.

Then the plane broke through the clouds and the lesson became perfectly clear. Instead of having a pity party or wallowing in despair, God says, “I am with you, my son.” Yes, there are things to change and things to do better but God will be with me and change will happen.

And that is how it is with us all. God calls us to be with Him and to be His child. God calls us to rise above. Rise above our problems, our fears and our despair. Keep the faith and hold His hand. God will lead you where He wants you to be. God will remake you in His image and He will give you a new heart. You just have to take His hand and not let go.

4 thoughts on “Rising Above

  1. It is easy to let critics get the best of you. I’m glad you came to a more positive outlook about all of it. Keep following God’s leading. Listen to evaluations with an open mind and a teachable heart. None of us never stop needing improvement.


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