ROXY Grams

by Lisa Marie…

So, if you recall, i like to write reviews for establishments!

ROXY cooler

We had a photo shoot last Saturday specifically for the purpose of “reviewing” my merchandise purchased at ROXY!

Well it turns out that ROXY does not have a spot to upload images in the “review” section. I had never purchased from the ROXY website, so i did not know this.

Well anyway, Will took such fantastic and fun images, i think it a shame for the photos to go to waste and just sit on my phone taking up “storage space”. So i am going to review the items using this platform!

ROXY backpack

I love this medium size backpack. The print on the backpack matches one of my ROXY bathing suit cover ups. The backpack has a place for flip flops, water bottles, AND a sunglasses pocket! It also has large, medium, and small seperate pouches! That is 3 storage spots in total! It is sturdy and i love it! Worth EVERY penny!

ROXY cooler
ROXY cooler

The ROXY cooler is perfect for a beach snack! It is a sturdy “igloo” type cooler. It is small. It can hold 4 beverages or maybe 2 beverages and a lunch. It is the cutest cooler EVER!

“See you at Sunset” ROXY hat

I purchased this special gem, especially for the sunset outings. It is cute, comfortable, and the visor is wide enough to keep the sun from your eyes! I love the quote especially! And notice the cute ROXY logo just beneath!

This thought just in!!!

the Glory of the Lord

….Can you imagine if God “reviewed” our lives? What would He say about us? Would He say, “well done my good and faithful servant!” ?

I am positive, i had a moment or two last week, where God would not have said that to me. But there are also times, i am alone. And i have a choice to do something wrong. And i can because nobody is watching. But then i remember, my Father is watching. I then choose to be obediant to the Word of God.

We can read our Bibles ALL DAY LONG, but if we are not applying the Word of God to our lives, what good is it to even be a follower of God? To be a follower of Christ, we must do right on purpose. It is not always easy, hence our mistakes…and i know I make plenty.

A former friend told me recently, “i Do not want to worry about making mistakes”. And i understand that concept but on the flip side……….i kind of feel like at least for me, i WANT to concern myself with doing right by others such as respecting their boundaries and being kind, apologizing if i hurt them, taking responsibility for hurting someone, etc….

It is no wonder the world is so confused by Christians and God. We are the light of the world, and many of us are choosing to live ungodly lives and make ungodly decisions without a care in the world because we are “forgiven”. Christ died on the cross for our “forgiveness”….So why should we care if it puts us in a bad “light”…

and on top of that; The church is divided on every issue like i have never seen before. Confusion is not from God.

Choosing not to steal, kill, and destroy is easy. But doing right by others as in considering them before ourselves, not so much. Especially if they hurt us. Jesus commanded us to love our enemies…(Matthew 5:43)….that means, those that hurt us….or hate on us…not always easy….Please note: we dont have to have Sunday brunch with our enemies, we can love them from afar! lol

With that said, i pledge to choose on purpose to use integrity. I choose to be obediant to the Word of God. I choose to forgive myself and others for mistakes. And i Do choose to worry, “to a point” to do right by those in my immediate circle And those outside my circle. Last but not least, i choose to love my enemies! 😔

all things are possible in the mustard fields!

Will you join me in this quest for righteousness? To be a light in a dark world? Maybe you and i will be side by side when the Lord exclaims, “Well done my good and faithful servant!”

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