Casa De Everything

By Lisa Marie…

What a fun packed Resurrection Eve ๐Ÿ‡I won’t be able to go to Boise to see two of my grandsons next week ๐Ÿ˜ข, but the silver lining is that i could hang out with a friend or two! Hence, Casa De Fruta, a freezing evening picnic, and a shivering sunset was had today!

Dinner Picnic!

So, my day began watching ” My Fair Lady” starring Audrey Hepburn, my favorite! If you have not seen it, i recommend it! The rain in Spain, stays Mainly in the plain!

Then off to Gilroy to deliver an Easter gift to church Family. (a Donald Trump Easter egg-I like the 45th President of the USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ alot) i am super into mustard flowers and California poppies right now. And lo and behold, I saw mustard plants 5 feet tall on the side of the road! So i stopped for photos of course!

USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Then i went to Hollister to grab Will. He usually comes to my house, so this was a little different, in a good way. (By the way, he thinks i am a good cook! i love that!)

There is a “Fruit Stand” called “Casa de Fruta” on Highway 156 it is kind of like an Amusement Fruit Stand! casa de Train, casa de carousel, casa de deli, casa de ice cream, casa de restaurant…my eldest grandsons and i call it, “Casa de Everything”. And i am totally Not kidding when i say, “casa de”. These are the names of the establishments within…

i am always hungry, and/but Hollister is an adorable farm town with not alot of dining choices. So Casa de Fruta became our destination! We purchased grapes, a succulent, huckleberry syrup, and honey in the casa de fruta. Then sandwiches “to go” at Casa de Deli! Please excuse my lower case and upper case letters in grammatically incorrect places….

Will’s sandwich had beautiful marble rye bread slices!! I had Never seen a marble rye in real life! I had only heard about it on the tv show, “Seinfeld”!

We then headed out to Manresa State Beach for Will’s Sunset Sabbath Tradition; which i am now included in as ours.

We are becoming experts at being prepared for the windy, freezing, hypothermic evening ocean adventures! At one point during picnic dinner, Whilst shivering, i happily mentioned to Will that we are nuts with this evening beach adventure. He laughed and agreed! lol…But we also both agreed that these times spent are ALWAYS an adventure! We love that!

Sabbath Sunset

Finally, a walk down 100 steps to the beach. We had a photo shoot for my back pack and cooler while we waited for the sun to set…. I like to write online reviews for my online purchases. I dunno why, i just do. An establishment asks for a review, i comply! Recently, i have been adding photos to my reviews! And my partner Will is happy to help me in my quest for the perfect photo shot!

stairway to and from beach
Roxy cooler, Tory Burch beach towel…Reviews awaiting

So there we were at the beach; hanging, photographing, laughing, selfies, and basically just being!

perhaps, THIS IS MY FIRST healthy relationship! I might not be used to “NOT” crying every other day in a relationship. Pretty great and sometimes i have to get comfortable in the joy. Cuz you know, sometimes bad habits or negative emotions become our friend. The negative emotions were my best friend in my last relationship with a guy whose name rhymes with “Even” lol. Don’t get me started on that guy…#toxic

the glow of the sun shining upon us!

I just find so much joy in these adventures with Will…i feel like my eyes sparkle. Aaaand, i am corny! And God is meeting me where i am at!

And Will is meeting me where i am at…

Hopefully, You can meet me where i am at!

I know God will meet YOU where you are at. He knows everything about you. Nothing surprises him. He loves you just as you are. And His joy is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10


And our earthly relationships are so important to God. He can use the good and bad relationships for His glory, but i think, He wants us to spend the second half of our lives in healthy relationships blessed by Him.

If you think of the men in the Bible such as Abram, Jacob, and David…The first half was not so “holy worthy”. Then the second half, Abram became Abraham; Jacob the trickster became Israel; and David the Shepard became a man after God’s heart, King David.

(It is tomorrow! Happy Easter! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡)

But my point is, to be in relationships with people after God’s heart โค Even and maybe especially for us over 50 folk, for our second half…BUT on this Ressurection Sunday, the most important relationship is with Jesus who died on the cross, and rose from the dead for our salvation. Jesus, the only way to the Father. If you confess this with your mouth that He is Lord; You will be saved! (Romans 10:9)

And that relationship with our Father in Heaven is the single most important relationship in our lives!

Will in his relationship with the Father โค

Please let us know if we can pray with you for salvation or rededication to the Lord!

Have A blessed Easter Sunday!

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