Banana “Rama” Bread

By Lisa Marie…

Spring Break Banana Bread Baking!

Say it fast 5 times! Today we made Banana Bread and Stuffed Bell Peppers! Yummy 😋

What a lovely afternoon…Will does not have an oven, so i said, “let’s bake something today instead of going someplace” So he brought ugly black bananas from his freezer for the banana bread baking!

BUT!! I took one look at his bananas and said, HECK NO…Fortunately my son had purchased bananas on his trip to the grocery store last week; bananas were in his cart. At this point, They were Over ripe, so i knew he would not mind if i took them!

Once peeled, PERFECT!

Side Note: my son has been meal prepping for about a month but he gets tired, so i have been making him sandwiches for lunch. He is a recruit firefighter. His training until July. I must support him in every way possible…like today, i made him a sandwich and took his Academy uniforms to the cleaners! #proudmom #hero

So anyway, Will and i had to go to the grocery store because we did not have all the necessary ingredients. Light brown sugar, baking powder, and nuts.

I am a nut person, Will is not. I wanted more nuts he wanted less. He won the nuts debate….

Busy Baking Photo Break

Back to baking! We somehow managed to get the banana “not enough nuts” bread in the oven just as our stuffed bell peppers were ready to be eaten! So we had dinner while the banana bread without enough nuts baked. Our stuffed bell pepper was really good! Even tho it needed salt! lol…but hey, that is what salt shakers are for. Perfect!

Whilst Relaxing after dinner, We almost forgot the banana bread!!!!! Good thing we used a timer. Will checked the bread, it looked done. But i reminded him it needed 15 more minutes…So we watched tv for a bit…When we went back to check on the bread, we noticed the rise of the bread beginning to sink…”take it out!” i exclaimed, “the “Rise” is sinking!”

Will checking the bread!

Our banana bread finally done and a little flat, BUT SUPER delicious, we decided to have an impromptu tea party! Yes people, i am always prepared for a charming tea OR a spontaneous mini party of any sort.

Hello Spring!

I like to purchase plates, napkins, plastic forks, decorations, seasonal items on clearance! I just buy something for a quarter or a dollar AND it is always handy at the drop of a hat! So the tea and banana bread par-tay was splendid!

With that said, JESUS!

The Bread of Life! Our Lord who is more than enough! Salt of the earth!

His followers are sometimes nuts and bananas…and so be it! i am crazy about our Lord and Saviour, WHO is unlike our banana bread sunken from its “rise”; Jesus rose on the 3rd day! After dying for our sins…. He lives!! He is alive! He is risen!

As we approach the Easter or Ressurection season, i am thankful for the cross!

This “resurrection” according to the Word of God in Luke 24, Matthew 28, 1 Corinthians 15, Mark 16….The Ressurection is the cornerstone of our faith!

He is Risen!!

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