Mixed Signals

By Lisa Marie…

Often in relationships there are mixed signals. And I am often the perpetrater of the mixed signal. “i want you, i don’t want you”……Anyone who knows me, knows this to be true…

With that said, Will and i do Not have a “mixed signal” relationship. We know where we stand. Especially after the “Turbulence” date talk which took place on Saturday, March 6….(see Turbulence blog)….To continue and make some sort of sense of what i am about to share, i must tell you “where”  Will and I stand and were clear on, ON Saturday. We are exclusive friends, “just friends”.  Exclusive, the key word.

So imagine my surprise when the next day Sunday March 7, he did NOT send me a “Good Morning” text!

A million negative thoughts went thru my head. I will not bore you with the details of my thoughts…except to say, What kind of game was this guy playing? I thought we were on the same page! Why did he not contact me? He says “Good Morning” EVERY day!

Why did i not contact him, you may ask?

I will tell you why. Because i DO NOT Chase men!! Have i before? Yes i have. But in my experience, i have found that when women do the chasing AND get the guy! He still isn’t REALLY interested in HER…and not being cared for is a lonely life to lead. I know this from experience. I prefer being single than to be lonely in a relationship.

Anyway, about 3 oclock Sunday March 7, i did “chase” i mean “contact” Will. I pretended like nothing was wrong, but everything was wrong. And At that point ANYTHING he said or did was “under the microscope” ….and he did not yet know it….Exhibit A: Sunday March 7, 3:00pm๐Ÿ‘‡

he was not on a date, YET….Exhibit A

On Tuesday March 9th, when he finally asked, “what happened?” i told him what happened! Boy did i tell him what happened! My mind was reeling with perceptions, but i never mentioned the issue of the non text. We women do that, don’t we. Omit what really hurts….. Long story short, we did not speak the rest of the week. We Were OVER! DONE! DONZO! FINITE!!

So 3 days later, on the Saturday morning of March 13, i “chased” i mean “contacted” Will by sending a text to “help” him with suggestions for his wardrobe for possible dates with women. And a good riddance to boot….i suspected he was looking for a new relationship. And i was correct in my suspicion…

because Will went on a date with a lady that was not me! and at this point still unbeknownst to me….๐Ÿฅบ….. it was perfectly in his right to do so, we were no longer exclusive friends “just friends”…..

So anyway, ya, he went on a date whilst i read a book; not knowing he was on a date. I was not liking that i was not with him at Jack London Square…i became antsy, so i went to the mustard flowers to take photos of myself. Exhibit B ๐Ÿ‘‡

laying in the mustard with sun in my eyes aka Exhibit B

Fast Forward to the afternoon of Sunday March 14, an entire week AFTER the no “good morning” episode;  i was writing my accusatory closure email to Will. You know the kind, the unnecessary kind. The kind that opens up a can of worms and causes ANYTHING except closure. The kind that is seeking attention from the culprit..๐Ÿ˜ฌ umm, the “chasing” kind…but not chasing cuz, you know, it is over.

so, As i was writing, He began to “like” my photos on facebook…he liked quite a few……he was CHASING me indirectly!!!Exhibit C, see below ๐Ÿ‘‡

Exhibit C

so i asked him seconds later, not even trying to play “hard to get”,  if he still wanted to be writing partners. He did. He wanted. And we talked on the phone. For hours. I had many questions. He had answers i did not want to hear but needed to hear. And i am grateful he shared the experience of the date.

This just in: Men often leave ladies in the dark, so as not to hurt us. What the men do not understand, is Not being enlightened, enhances our suspicions. We know you did something. Without your honesty good Sir, our imaginations go wild! And that is much more painful to endure than the truth. So please no omissions good gentlemen…please…

Back to Our Talk: when i finally got to the subject of, “why didn’t he say ‘good morning’ last week March 7”; he insisted that he did. I insisted that he did not. We both screenshotted the text moment. And lo and behold, he DID in fact, say Good Morning! And i somehow did not receive it. See Exhibit A above! see below Exhibit D

he did say Good Morning! Exhibit D

At this point i am sure you think i am a high maintenance, clingy, hot mess, lest we forget vain kinda gal. But i am none of those things. I am quite emotionally healthy and a very “in between the lines” kind of person and a woman. Lol…I am oddly spontaneous at the same time. I am ironic, i suppose… I am also kind and faithful to Will. He will tell you that is so…

i am also positive you are appreciating your wife right now!! That a whole EVENT of mixed chaos does not occur when you forget to say “good morning”

Without boring you with anymore dramatic details…i will let you know, Will and i are again exclusive friends “just friends” ….Exclusive being the key word…I discovered that i am more passionate about writing than i am passionate about Will. That is where our connection is. And we think that is ok because we know we are open to having a future together. My heart is also guarded. And God tells us to guard our hearts in Proverbs 4: 23. It is also wise to develop a relationship based on the foundation of friendship. When our love, passion, or friendship fails, writing will keep us together. Not love, but writing. The purpose to share our adventures with you. God at the center of every adventure. Gods love never fails even when our agape human love fails. Apparently our God given passions and traits are strong. Strong because it is who we are in Christ and what makes us individual and unique.

Gods Love never fails!

without further ado, the Lord will never send you mixed signals! Because truly His LOVE never fails us! Unless of course you are Pharoah and trying to keep the Israelites in slavery in Egypt. He sent Pharoah mixed signals. Oh and the Midianites had mixed signals from God when they battled against Gideon’s Isrealite Army…

But you and i are not Pharoah or the Midianites.  The Lord will guide us by His Word. The Word of God, in my opinion is good guidance. He guided me back to Will to write with him. And the steps of a good man ARE ordered by the Lord, and he delighteth in His way. Psalm 37:23 Jus sayin’

The birds are singing! And i am growing from His glory to Glory ๐Ÿ•Š each and every day!

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