After all, Tomorrow IS another day!

By Lisa Marie…

Romans 8:29 ~For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His son, that he may be the firstborn among many brethren…

Being conformed to the image of His son.

walked into a church on my walk!

THAT is what i want to focus on…For the past few years i have been focusing on practicing good character AND using integrity according to Galations 5:22, 23.

What that means to me is practicing kindness, truthfulness, longsuffering, etc in every situation. Please note, “practicing” is a key word. I mean sometimes i fail but i will never give up practicing integrity. It also means, doing the right thing when nobody is looking. The thing is; God is looking. I do not always like that He is looking; But it helps me to use integrity. Being obedient to the word of God is important to me. I may not like what the Word says sometimes but it does not matter. If i want to live a righteouss life, obedience is key! Argh!! lol

Somebody is always watching!

When i used to coach my sons baseball team, my dad used to tell me, “people are always watching you”. And they were. If i had an argument with the other coach, it was definitely a show for the stands. The men coaches used to bully the umpires out of a “call” in their favor and not mine. By the time i could find the rule in the playbook to prove they were wrong, we would already be in the next inning…geez!! And the audience watched and the audience talked. It did not matter that i was correct, their perception of the situation was their truth.

Kind of like what happens in our media today. They paint the picture of what they want us to see…..

Old Hollywood. Charlie Chaplin made movies here!

Anyway, Will and i had a really good discussion on this subject of integrity today. Are we being good witnesses in our every day lives? As we are being conformed to His image by following the word of God, are we using the fruits of the spirit such as love, gentleness, and meekness? Well, are we? Because if we are not; We are not actually being conformed into His image! It is good food for thought as we make decisions in our every day lives that not only affect us, but those around us…

But, To be honest, your walk with God is not going to be the same as mine. Which is why we should have grace for each other in mistakes. God meets us where we are at. For instance God can talk slang if you talk slang! Can ya dig it?! For shizzle! He is such a good God. WORD!

Birds of the air…

I dunno, I had actually wanted to speak about hats today because i purchased 2 new hats for sunset beach outings….i cant seem to work it in, soooo see below!! lol

AND back on topic, i have been walking alot this week around my community. And i have been thinking alot about my walk with God. And i like where i am at. And i hope you like where you are at too…

If you do not, start your walk with God again tomorrow! There is always a new day! As Scarlett O’Hara says “After all tomorrow is another day!”

And tomorrow IS another day! And if today is not a good day, MAKE it a good day….That is what i did on Thursday. I turned a not so good day into a good day. A walk to the store because i had no access to my car turned into a glorious adventure!

I purchased water and then for no reason at all, i kept walking. Stopped at another store and purchased water and kept on walking….However by the end of my walk, I was running!! i drank too much water!! lol

Which way do i go?

So, in conclusion, i hope you like my hats!

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