By Lisa Marie…

In every relationship of any kind, there is bound to be disagreements or umm friction, i guess…

This week, Will and I had our first experience of “turbulence”. We are friends, “just friends…but i got jealous!!! 😬…I called my life group leader AFTER an hour of being so jealous and trying to figure out how to handle this emotion. She and I decided it best to discuss this insecurity with Will…..so i did!

Fast forward to our Saturday Sunset outing, we decided to “talk” about this dramatic emotion on this day….but backing up first…

During the week I sought God to change me. I asked the Lord to fill me with whatever was opposite of jealous. It cannot be love, because perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18) So what is the opposite? I dunno! My God is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5) and my God is also Love! (1 John 4:7) My God, the Great I AM! (Exodus 3:14)

My question to the Lord is this: Lord, are you still a jealous God AFTER Jesus died on the cross? My life group ladies believe it is still so in the New Testament. That God is a jealous God.

After some confusion on my part AND research, i still do not know the opposite, but i realize i do not feel safe! AND it is important that i trust the Lord to be secure in Him. But Will also has a role in this, if he so chooses! His role is to help me feel secure with his actions. And he obliges!

Sooooo, we met today. The day had many “hiccups”. (Read Will’s blog for details) 😃

May i note, I LOVE the way we handled the turbulence! Very healthy!

First we met, no hugs! lol… Second on our agenda was to purchase matching tee shirts! Shopping together was really nice…

I love our t-shirts

Then we grabbed some corn dogs and french fries and had a late lunch on the beach…there was small talk and sometimes comfortable silence…AND THEN “the talk” ! AND it was a good talk…a secret to you, unless you call me! haha…(i will tell you)

but i guess my point in bringing this all up, is that I love the way the whole situation was handled! It was respectful, healthy, and friendly! I also think it is important to share troubles as well as good times…..

Anyway, After more things going wrong we had a super FUN what we call the “Baywatch” photo shoot!! It started as i just needed a certain photo to: 👇this

…us both running out of the water, like Baywatch! Please note, Will’s video will not be shown! Haha

And then went to the pier for the sunset live video!

I guess the lesson today is, We should have no other gods before God! Cuz He is jealous and we are made in His image. He gave us emotions such as jealousy and anger. But we have to use self control when dealing with these emotions. I also notice that when i ask God to help me overcome the negative trait, He is ready and waiting to oblige!

TODAY WAS a GOOD day! What are friends, “just friends” for!

Always walk like three men are walking behind you! ~Audrey Hepburn~

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