Kindred Spirits

Anne of Green Gables is one of the best collections of books of ALL TIME! Anne with an E had a best friend and kindred spirit named Diana. Reading about their adventures when i was younger kept me occupied for hours, days, and sometimes weeks!

My point is this, today i was thinking about how blessed i am to have a few friends as kindred spirits! My girlfriend Francien is the ultimate kindred spirit for sure! We just get each other.. We are in unison….We share an interest in antiques and classics…and most especially tea!

my kindred spirit ❤ i am Anne, she Diana

What is a kindred spirit, you may ask? A person whose interests or attitudes are similar to one’s own. Or as Anne of Green Gables might say, A Bosom friend!

My Life Group Leader Lori is NOT my kindred spirit! We are as different as night and day. But we talk every day and share many adventures! As different as we are, we have laughed until we cried. She is my roomie on many trips. And she was there when my mom passed away. We went to Israel with the church (Francien included) 4 days after the funeral and it was the perfect way to mourn for my mom. Many tears and lots of laughter!

Gidget and Larue 🏄‍♀️ in Cabo
Dead Sea, Israel left to right: Lori, Julia, Me, and Francien

Then there is Michelle! The oldest and dearest bosom friend. We have been friends since we were 17. We were not best friends but we NEVER lost touch. Our friendship so long, we are family. Our adventures have always been and still are spontaneous! Drop of the hat Out of town adventure. She went with me to Downtown Disney this November while Disneyland was closed, just so i could buy a Christmas stocking for my new granddaughter Charlie!! Michelle is super protective, and i love her…and she is the biggest Disney fan in the world!

Then there are the Honorable mentions of Corie and Cherie who are always a phone call away for chatting about ANYTHING! Our seasons are not parallel right now but How can i leave them out, I cannot!

I have a new kindred spirit, a new bosom friend! Will! Our adventures have only begun! But so far, i love going to the beach, or a meadow, or a hill to take photos! And then write about it. I like that i can tell him anything and he does not judge! I like that he is patient and kind. Our friendship is off to a good start. And i like that we decided that God will determine the type of friendship!

A possible Gil…#Gilbert

There was a time I did not have any friends. I was 16 years old and friendless. God was my only friend AND best friend! I talked to Him every single day. It was not like prayer requests. I just told Him everything because He is all i had. Except my mom. She was a good friend. My parents had recently been divorced. I lived with my mom and my sister lived with my dad. Interestingly, my dad lives with me now. He is a good friend! But, hence it was the Lord who loved me when i was 16 and alone. I think back to that childlike relationship with God and i think He must have really loved me. Please note, i was not lonely because God was with me. He will never leave us nor forsake us! I strayed from talking to Him every day as i got older and made friends but He never left my side. We are close again, the Lord and i. He is once again my best friend. And i talk to Him EVERY single day!

can you see Him with me? The Lord is always with me

Everybody needs good friends. I try to be a good friend. I practice not interrupting when they talk (so hard). I try to remember to ask about their lives and listen. I try to support them and i TOTALLY pray for them…. I am not saying i am a good friend. I just try my best to be a good friend. I do not know if ANYONE needs to hear this; if you need a friend, join a church or club or an activity that will surround you with possible friends. Meanwhile, God is your best friend if you want Him to be…I am your friend. If you read this and wonder. Do not wonder, because i am writing to you! God commands us to love our neighbors and our enemies…so Jesus loves you AND i Love you!

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